Bukowskis Important Timepieces May 16, 2017

Bukowskis Important Timepieces May 16, 2017 - MondaniWeb

Bukowskis Important Timepieces May 16, 2017

Bukowskis Important Timepieces May 16, 2017 – Interview to Tony Frank, watch specialist

Bukowskis, partner of Mondani Web, is preparing a new “Important Timepieces” auction that will take place on May 16. Click here to discover the aucition.  We talk with Tony Frank, one of the watch specialists at Bukowskis:

What do you look forward to the most about your upcoming auction “Important Timepieces”?
I really look forward meeting collectors who travel from all around the world to participate in our quality hammer auction. The selection is very rare and carefully selected, which attract a lot of deeply knowledgeable customer of ours. It takes something very unique in a watch to be a part of this auction and there are definitely a lot of conversation pieces.

What symbolize this auction?
After our premier last autumn, Bukowskis auction “Important Timepieces” became the most successful watch auction in Scandinavia. This auction as well as our first, symbolizes unique and carefully selected collector items with a very high standard. We are also very pleased to see some really nice watches from Heuer this season, that we have a lot of demand for at the moment.

Would you be able to share three of your absolute favourite watches that will be on sale May 16th?
#909270 HEUER, Autavia, chronograph, ref 7763, estimate 9000 EURO
#897123. ROLEX, Oyster, Cosmograph (T SWISS T), “Daytona”, ref 6239, 1964, chronograph, estimate 38 000 EURO
#870748. UNIVERSAL GENEVE, Uni-Compax, “Big Eye”, chronograph, estimate 18 000 EURO

Would you please give us some recommendation when purchasing a watch?  
If you were looking for a watch as a pure investment I would recommend you to look for a NOS watch. But I´m sure you will find a watch in this auction that really speaks to you and that you will be able to keep for a very long time and enjoy the beauty of. All watches in this auction holds a very high standard and it has been a very strong price development the last five years and we don´t see any signs of that to be changing in the near future. I´m very excited about this auction and I like the fact that you follow a watch from the very first moment when you find it to when someone gets the opportunity to walk home with there dream watch. That is very rewarding indeed.


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